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Many Parshah shiurim now available from R' Moshe Aharon Friedman R'M in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim


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We would like to welcome new Magid Shiur Rabbi Yosef Sonnenschein, Rav in Waterbury, Ct.


Weekly Featured Shiur- The Essence of Rosh Hashanah by Rabbi Daniel Kalish shlit'a


We would like to welcome  "Rabbi Chaim Hilewitz" - New Magid Shiur to Shas Illuminated


This weeks featured shiur "Elul Is All About Becoming a צדיק" by R' Daniel Kalish shlita.

Shas Illuminated bez'H is a new series of shiurim geared to enhancing Daf Yomi by elucidating the main Rishonim and Acharonim on the Daf.  To dedicate a shiur please call 203-312-Shas (7427) or email

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Berachos Dr. & Mrs. Dovid Metz לע"נ חכם רבי חייא בן חכם רפאל זצ"ל
לע"נ חיים בן מרדכי

Shabbos Mr. & Mrs. Shmuly Katz לע"נ מרת הנלא בת ר' שרגא (פליישמאן) בלומענבערג
לע"נ מוה"ר שמעון בן ר' דוד בלומענבערג
Eruvin Vol 1 Melanie and Yehuda Konig In loving memory of our dear grandparents Malka and Aharon Tzvi Krausman
Eruvin Vol 2 Aryah and Faige Lebovic & Dov and Esther Lebovic לע"נ הרב מאיר בן אברהם אלימלך שימא מינדל בת יצחק גרשון
לע"נ הרב אריה לייב בן מתתיהו אסתר פערל בת משה דוד

Pesachim Vol 1 לע"נ ר' זאב ב"ר יהודה
In loving memory of R' Zev Almer
Pesachim Vol 2 Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Naymen לע"נ הרב יעקב בן ר' מתתיהו זצ"ל
Shekalim Mr. and Mrs. Aron Salomon לע"נ ר' יחזקאל בן ר' ישראל שלום ז"ל
Yoma Vol 1 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman לע"נ חיים מנחם אהרן בן יחזקאל נחמיה ז"ל
Yoma Vol 2 Mr. & Mrs. Shmuly Katz לע"נ מרת הנלא בת ר' שרגא (פליישמאן) בלומענבערג
לע"נ מוה"ר שמעון בן ר' דוד בלומענבערג
Succah Mr. & Mrs. Noach Stengel לע"נ מנחם מאיר בן נפתלי ואסתר בת דוד
לע"נ פייבל יוסף בן חיים לייב ויהודה זאב בן פייבל יוסף
Beitzah Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Friedman לע"נ מנחם בן יוסף וצינה דבורה בת יחיאל

Rosh Hashanah Melanie and Yehuda Konig In loving memory of our dear grandparents
Malka and Aharon Tzvi Krausman
Taanis Mr. Aaron Zweig לע"נ אביו ר' שמעון ב"ר נחמי-ה הלוי ז"ל
Megillah Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Taub בזכות רפואה שלימה משה נחמן בן מלכה מרים
Moed Katan לע"נ פעריל בת ר' יהושע העשיל הכהן
Mrs. Pearl Handelsman
Chagigah Mr. and Mrs. Duvie Merenstein As a z'chus for their children
Yevamos Vol 1 Anonymous לע"נ ר' משה יעקב בן ר' נתן יהודה ז"ל ורויזא לאה בת יעקב
ר' מאיר יהודה בן ר' פסח הכהן ז"ל

Yevamos Vol 2 Motty and Hadassa Jacobowitz לז"נ יעקב זאב בן ר' פסח יוסף ז"ל
Yevamos Vol 3 Anonymous In Honor of Rabbi Aharon Kaufman שליט"א
Rosh Hayeshiva עטרת שמואל of Waterbury
Torah Anytime
Riverside Abstract
Daf Hachaim
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I do not know you personally, yet my hakoras hatov to you is deep and boundless. Each shiur is a polished jewel which sparkles as a kiddush Hashem. The magidei shiur are articulate and are masterfully familiar with the sugyos.

Yossi Y.

Now with Shas Illuminated I get shiurim on the Daf which broaden my understanding by providing concise discussions of many of the underlying concepts.

Yehuda R.

Beautiful shiurim. Excellent addition to the daily Daf study. Highly recommended.

Yitzchok W.

Adds a whole new dimension to the Daf.

Meir M.

I very much enjoy and appreciate Shas Illuminated. Having lived many years in Gainesville, Florida (doing kiruv - hours from the closest frum community) I had to get used to learning on my own and Shas Illuminated allowed me to take learning daf yomi to a whole new level.


You are a wonderful and a formidable resource on the daf. For Daf Yomi learners, and Rebbeim who are busy and dont have time to learn in depth, Shas illuminated provides the daf B'iyun as well as Halachah. The Rebbeim who give the shiurim have researched the content extensively. You have a huge zechus, Ashrecho

Gedaliah C.