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  • Today's Daf: Menachos 70 Rabbi Aharon Sorscher

About Shas Illuminated

R’ Shmuel Kamenetsky The Ikkar Rishonim and Acharonim on the Daf are given over in a manner that is clear to those who have never learned the subject matter and serves as a comprehensive review to those that have.
R’ Noach I. Oelbaum [Shas Illuminated] gets a Yiyasher Koach ... this will be a great benefit to those who study [the Daf].
R’ Dovid Cohen Expert Talmidei Chachomim and masters of explaining ... complements the Beikus learning with learning that goes to the depths of the Yam HaTalmud.
R’ Yehoshua Kalish I think it is a remarkable idea which, im yirtze Hashem, will have great success.
R’ Ben-Zion Shafier This exposition of lyun... will transform the classic 'Doing the Daf' into an entirely new experience of true growth in Toras Emmes.

Illuminating the World of Daf HaYomi

With the popularity of the Daf Yomi ‬increasing exponentially with each cycle, many of its participants have expressed the desire to be able to more easily access the main commentaries, from the ‫ ראשונים‬ through the ‫ ,אחרונים‬ who offer a deeper understanding of the major ‫  סוגיות‬contained in each ‫.דף‬

Shas Illuminated has undertaken to present to the ‫ לומדי דף היומי‬ and to the general ‫ עולם התורה‬ an in-depth ‫ ,שיעור‬ clearly and concisely explaining the main ‫ראשונים‬ and ‫  אחרונים‬on each and every ‫  דף‬in ‫ .ש”ס‬  Each ‫ ,שיעור‬ intended to be learned after one learns the ‫ גמרא‬ with ‫ ,רש”י‬ is recorded by world-class ‫ מגידי שיעור‬
in a clear and straightforward manner that will enhance, broaden, and unlock the treasures hidden in each ‫ ,דף‬ including הלכה למעשה.
‫. ‬

Each ‫  שיעור‬highlights the important perspectives on the ‫ דף‬ that are not covered in the standard ‫ דף היומי שיעור‬. They will be a valuable asset to the ‫ ,מגיד שיעור‬ advanced learners and beginners alike. The 45 minute ‫ שיעור‬ will enable those whose schedule precludes hours of study, to have a comprehensive understanding of the ‫     .דף‬It will also provide a strong foundation for those who wish to further explore the sources on their own.

This valuable resource is the first of its kind being offered to the coming generations of Talmudic scholars in a widely available, digital format. We hope, that these ‫  שיעורים‬ will ‫ בעזרת ה׳‬ enhance the quality of ‫  לימוד התורה‬for those embarking on the thirteenth cycle of ‫דף‬ היומי as well as providing a precious tool for ‫ בני תורה‬ worldwide.

Taking on this small, additional daily ‫  שיעור‬has the ability to change the standard cursory understanding of the ‫ דף‬ into a transformative Torah experience. Learning ‫ גמרא‬ with the penetrating and illuminating insights of the Torah giants throughout the ages blesses one with a spirit of ‫  ,קדושה‬fulfillment and joy that is unsurpassed.

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