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General Donations

Every donation, no matter how small, helps!

Learning Donations

Shas Illuminated has thousands of users daily!

Dedicate the zechus of their learning for a specific day, month or year.

Daf Donations

Dedicate a Daf, Perek or Mesechta.

These Dedications remain permanent over the coming years.

Patrons of
Shas Illuminated

The generosity of the following individuals have made this project possible.

Website Development:
Dovid & Sarah Gurwitz & family

Rosh Hashanah Dedication:
Melanie and Yehuda Konig

Berachos Dedication:
Dr. and Mrs Dovid Metz

Shabbos Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Shmuly Katz

Eruvin vol. I Dedication:
Melanie and Yehuda Konig

Eruvin vol. II Dedication:
Aryah and Faige Lebovic &
Dov and Esther Lebovic

Pesachim vol. II Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Naymen

Shekalim Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Aron Salomon

Yoma vol. I Dedication:
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman

Yoma vol. II Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Shmuly Katz

Succah Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Noach Stengel

Beitzah Dedication:
Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Friedman

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