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  • Today's Daf: Menachos 72 Rabbi Aharon Sorscher
Rabbi Hillel Yosef Pfeiffer
Rabbi Hillel Yosef Pfeiffer

Rabbi Hillel Yosef Pfeiffer learned in Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal, the Mir (by R' Asher Arielli shlit"a), Brisk, Lakewood and Kollel Kesser Torah of Montreal. 
He enjoyed a close kesher with Rav Elya Baruch Finkel zt"l and assisted him in writing his sefer Apiryon Shlomo. 
Rabbi Pfeiffer has taught all ages from elementary through Bais Medrash in Yeshiva Gedolah of Montreal and Camp A.C. Heller, and has been the Rosh chaburah of a night Kollel. 
He is currently an 8th grade Rebbi in Yeshiva Orchos Chaim in Lakewood. 
We are honored and privileged to have R' Pfeiffer as a Magid shiur for Shas Illuminated.

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