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  • Today's Daf: Menachos 70 Rabbi Aharon Sorscher
Rabbi Avrohom Krohn
Rabbi Avrohom Krohn

Rabbi Avrohom Krohn learned as a bachur in Yeshiva Sha'ar HaTorah in Queens and by R' Tzvi Kushelevsky in Eretz Yisroel.  After he got married he learned in Kollel at the Mir in Yerushalayim for 9 years and became a close Talmid of R' Asher Arieli shlita.  Since 2004 he has been a very popular Maggid Shiur in Bais Medrash Ateres Shmuel in Waterbury, Ct.  His crystal-clear style and vast knowledge make listening to his shiurim enjoyable and enlightening.  Shas Illuminated is truly privileged to have him on our roster of Magidei Shiur - bringing Daf Yomi to a new level.

  • Parshah Shiur- Sefer Bereishis Toldos 09 Parshas Toldos - Davening and Learning.mp3
  • 11/12/2014
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